The Virgin
The Analyzer
critical, analytical, precise, detail-oriented, particular

Virgo the Virgin is a mutable sign, which means the sun passes through it as a season is ending and shifting (the sun is in Virgo around August 21-September 20, as summer ends and fall begins in the northern hemisphere). Mutable signs have a versatile and adaptable energy, usually able to find their footing in new situations and become successful once they have their bearings. This mutable energy is balanced by the earth element, however, giving Virgo a practical, stable, and grounded quality. Virgo energy is analytical, precise, and detail-oriented. Sometimes this manifests as a high degree of organization, a critical eye, or just being ‘particular’ or finicky. Traditionally ruled by Mercury, Virgo is a member of the overthinkers’ club along with Gemini. Sometimes the sheer number of thoughts and details a Virgo mind is juggling can be overwhelming, even if others don’t understand (especially those with less attention to detail or naturally quieter minds). Houses or planets influenced by Virgo in the birth chart may represent areas where we are critical, where we pay attention to subtle details, where we are more rigid and less relaxed, or where we prefer to get things done ourselves.