The Bull
The Loyal Hard-Worker
possessive, permanent, stable, determined

Taurus is the second sign in the astrological cycle. It is a fixed sign, because we are in the middle of a season when the sun is in Taurus (roughly April 21-May 20). Fixed signs tend to have a stable, consistent, and determined energy to impart upon planets passing through them or houses that they rule. In terms of the classical Greek elements, Taurus the Bull is an earth sign, meaning it is practical, stable, and grounded in nature. This unique combination of fixed and earth qualities give Taurus the least changeable energy of all the zodiac. Things under Taurus’ influence are long-lasting, and do not change easily. The stereotype is stubborn like a bull, and of course signs are not their stereotypes, but this one has a strong taste of truth. Taurus energy is loyal and unwavering, but takes time to win over or convince to move. Houses or planets influenced by Taurus may represent comfort zones, as Venus-ruled Taurean energy is unchanging but also appreciates physical comfort and the finer things in life. Taurus is also a hard-working energy, though, and willing to earn comfort and luxury.