The Scorpion
The Intense One
intensive, passionate, powerful, seductive, secretive, personal

Scorpio’s constellation is the scorpion, which conjures up ideas of protection, danger, and defensiveness. Scorpio energy, in a word, is intense! Scorpio has the stable, consistent, and determined energy of a fixed sign, because the sun passes through the constellation Scorpio during the middle of a season (around October 21-November 20, in the middle of autumn in the northern hemisphere). Scorpio is also associated with the classical Greek element of water, the sensitive realm of emotions. This makes Scorpio passionate and unwavering with their feelings, and unlikely to change how they feel (for better or for worse—no one holds a grudge like a Scorpio). Once Scorpio is hurt or offended, the stinger tail is activated and although it is possible to forgive, the offense is not easily forgotten. Scorpio was traditionally ruled by Mars originally (this may or may not reflect actual placements in your chart), enhancing the passionate, aggressive energy. Once Pluto was discovered (remember, it’s still considered a planet in astrological terms), Pluto was assigned Scorpio’s new ruler. Pluto is related to power, and Scorpio can seek to control, even if only to keep things stable and protect relationships. Any planet or house under Scorpio’s influence in your chart may represent an area you seek to dominate or control in order to feel secure. At the very least, most people with prominent Scorpio placements (in the “big 3” or a Scorpio stellium) have heard at one time or another that they are “intense” or “too much.” Don’t ever lose your much-ness.