The Centaur/Archer
The Philosopher
wide, free, explorative, expansive

The constellation Sagittarius is a centaur (half-horse half-human) with a bow and arrow. Motivated, capable Sag can reach nearly any goal they set their sights on, provided they can stay focused on that one goal long enough to follow through. Sagittarius has the versatile, adaptable energy of a mutable sign, because the sun passes through the constellation Sagittarius at the changing of the seasons (around November 21-December 20, when autumn is ending and winter is about to begin in the northern hemisphere). This may be where the stereotype of Sagittarius as unable to commit to things comes from, but the reality is just that philosophical Sagittarius understands the importance of exploration. These changes in attitude may seem even more volatile with Sagittarius than the rest of the mutable signs, because only in Sagittarius is it combined with the elemental energy of fire. Fire signs are creative, energetic, and bold by nature, making changeable Sagittarius extra dynamic. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system. This gives Sagittarius a larger-than-life quality. Any planets or houses under the influence of Sagittarius may be areas in our lives where we expend a lot of time and energy, or perhaps where we overindulge. Sag is always the life of the party, until they switch to introvert mode and retreat into one of their hobbies or interests.