The Fish
The Dreamer
nebulous, impressionable, intuitive, sensitive, receptive, influenced
imaginative, dreamy, introspective, escapist

Pisces the fish is the last mutable sign of the zodiac, which means the sun passes through it as a season is ending and shifting (the sun is in Pisces around February 21-March 20, as winter ends and spring begins in the northern hemisphere). Mutable signs have a versatile and adaptable energy, and don’t always thrive most in routine. Pisces is also associated with the element water, giving it a sensitive and emotional energy. The receptive water quality and changeable mutable quality can make Pisces difficult to pin down, because Pisces will respond to its environment. Don’t be surprised if someone with strong Pisces placements (Pisces in the “big 3” or a Pisces stellium) seems to be a completely different person depending on their surroundings or the people they are with (Libra does this too). The stereotype of Pisces is the dreamer, and people with a lot of Pisces energy are often said to be ungrounded or have their heads in the clouds, but I believe the truth is that they are often processing a lot more subtle information than some of the more focused among us. Pisces is a highly creative and intuitive energy, and the area of your life ruled by this sign will often be a place where things just flow.