The Scales
The Peace-Maker
harmonious, together, charming, balance, influenced, indecisive

Libra is the name for the constellation depicting a balanced set of scales, and balance is the key word here. It is associated with the classical Greek element of air, meaning Libra energy is dynamic, curious, and thoughtful. Much of this dynamic, changeable energy manifests itself socially with Libra, as the sign is also associated with bringing harmony and social cohesion to the area of life it rules in the chart. Though the Libran influence is usually subtle due to a deep understanding of behaviour and social dynamics, Libra is not one to take a backseat and blindly follow others. It is still a cardinal sign, after all, because the sun is in Libra at the beginning of a season (around September 21-October 20, at the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere). Cardinal signs give a motivated, ambitious, and reactionary energy to any house they rule or planet that occupies them, and quick-thinking airy Libra can be fast to react to restore peace in a group or situation that has become unpleasant. Sometimes too much thought and understanding get in Libra’s way, though, because seeing all sides of a situation or understanding all options make it very difficult to make decisions (especially if there is a risk of upsetting anyone by choosing a side). Libra is traditionally ruled by Venus (regardless of where it may actually sit in your personal birth chart), so it really is the energy of making love and not war.