The Lion
The Attention-Seeker
creative, impressive, powerful, dramatic, enthusiastic

Leo’s constellation is a lion, and this energy is not afraid to roar. Leo is a fixed sign, because the sun passes through Leo during the middle of a season (around July 21-Aug 20, in the heat of summer in the northern hemisphere). This gives Leo a stable, consistent, and determined energy. Add to that the classical element of fire with its creative, energetic, and bold energy, and Leo is hard to top when it comes to chasing big dreams with gusto. Leo is the only sign traditionally ruled by the sun (regardless of where the sun or Leo are actually placed in your chart), and Leo does love to shine bright and be seen. Although the stereotype of Leo is that they need to be the centre of attention, the truth is that Leo is happy to share the spotlight and can make an amazing cheerleader or hype-man for their friends. Highly creative Leo has a flair for the arts, so any house or planet under the leonine influence in your chart may represent an area of your life where you are creative, bold, and not afraid to show yourself.