The Twins
The Communicator
communicative, adaptable, versatile, changeable

Gemini the Twins is a mutable sign, which means the sun passes through it as a season is ending and shifting (the sun is in Gemini around May 21-June 20, as spring ends and summer begins in the northern hemisphere). On top of this changeable energy, Gemini is also associated with the element air, which gives it a dynamic, curious, and thoughtful quality. As such, it is the most unpredictable sign. Gemini energy can be hard to pin down, but it is a generally open and communicative influence, changing if only because it is so receptive to new ideas and information. Gemini is one of two signs traditionally ruled by the planet Mercury (whether or not they are related in your personal birth chart), which makes Gemini energy part of the over-thinkers club. But unlike the other Mercurial sign Virgo, Gemini energy sometimes generates so many dynamic ideas that it has a hard time translating them into physical reality. Houses or planets influenced by Gemini in the birth chart may be areas of life where you are most able to adapt or evolve throughout your life, as you grow into and grow with your birth chart.