The Ram
The Leader
assertive, urgent, impatient, expressive, explosive

Aries is the first sign in every list because the ancient Romans began their calendar when the sun aligns with this constellation in the “zodiac belt” of the sky. The star pattern formed by this constellation is associated with a ram. Because it is one of the signs the sun occupies at the beginning of a season (Sun is in Aries roughly March 21-April 20, starting with the spring equinox which begins the season of spring in the northern hemisphere), Aries is called a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs give a motivated, ambitious, and reactionary energy to any house they rule or planet that occupies them. Each sign of the zodiac is also associated with one of the four classical Greek elements, and Aries is a fire sign. Fire signs are known for their creative, energetic, and bold energy. All these ideas put together paint a picture of Aries as a “Me first” energy, diving enthusiastically head-first into any project, activity, or passing fancy with vigor. There is not always thought given to the outcome before something is undertaken, nor is there always staying power to continue with something once the novelty has worn off. Each sign has a planet that traditionally rules it (though they may or may not be related in your personal birth chart), and Aries is traditionally ruled by Mars, which can sometimes make the Aries enthusiasm and competitive streak come off as aggressive.