1st House

Self, identity, “I am”
Mask, outward behaviour
How & where you react to the world and are perceived by the world.
…in the realm of the self.

The first 30° of sky that become visible over the eastern horizon starting from the moment you are born (or from the moment a chart is drawn up) is called the First House. This will be the part of the sky that becomes visible to the east from the time a chart is drawn up until about 2 hours later. The Ascendant or Rising Sign is determined by drawing an imaginary line to the horizon directly east from where and when a chart is drawn, and determining which constellation of the zodiac is rising in the eastern sky at that time. This sign is also said to rule the 1 st house. Once called “Vita” or “Life” in Latin, this house is all about you. As it’s the first bit of sky that appears in the sky from the time that you appear on earth, it represents in part how you are perceived by the world. It has to do in part with your outward behaviour, and how you react to the world. Any planet that may occupy this house exerts its influence on your persona and identity.