12th House

Secrets, things repressed, fears we project onto relationships
Endings, limitations, escapes
How & where you escape, fear, or do not allow yourself to act

The next 30° of sky that become visible over the eastern horizon from 22-24 hours after birth (or from the moment a chart is drawn up) is called the Twelfth House. This house is counterpart to the house of “the ways to be healthy & useful,” and is the house of “the ways to self-sabotage.” Called “Carcer” or “Prison” in Latin, this house is all about things that are kept locked away. Sometimes that means the feelings or ideas we repress, whether deliberately or sub-consciously. These can often manifest as things we project onto others, or ways that we unknowingly self-sabotage. Other times it speaks of the unknowable secrets that the cosmos keeps from us with our limited perspective. Any planet that may occupy this house exerts its influence on your fears or what you repress. If there are no planets in this house, it may indicate that you don’t spend a lot of conscious energy in this part of your life, that things in this sector flow without needing extra effort, or that you aren’t working on major life lessons in this area during your current lifetime.